“Elden Ring” White Silver Noel and Snowflower Lamie “Viewer Participation Multiplayer Program” Delivery! Challenge to “6 bosses” together

※ “Some boss name” will appear in the article, so please refrain from browsing if you are concerned about spoilers.

New Software’s New Action RPG “ Elden Ring (Elden Ring) ” Game Actual Program “ White Silver Noel / Snow Flower Lamy” Elden Ring “Multiplayer [Holo Live] ” is 3 We decided delivery from 19:00 to 19:00.

In this program, the VTUBER Group “Holo Live” belonging of the “Silver Norel”, Snowflower Lamie uses the “Elden Ring” multi-replay function and play with the viewer. A state of challenging a total of six bosses is raw. Please be careful in advance because the game’s spoiler is included in the program.

Delivery is a PS4 version using multi-play connection, and the boss will be defeated in the following order. Those who wish to multiply need to gather in the blessings of the following schedule and prepare a “finger finger of the feet”. The secret word will be announced in the program.

■ Subjugation schedule

  1. Tree guard (collective point, blessing “Church of Elle”)

  2. Godorick of the jacket (Blessing of the set point · Stormville Castle “Beginning small room”)

  3. Fly Dragon Agil (collective point, blessing “Agile Hubei”)

  4. Pymmetric dragon swing (collective point · blessing “Cathedral partition”)

  5. Fly Dragon Grail (Meeting Point, Blessing “Falm Ohashi”)

  6. Roosy Egskis (collective point, blessing “Keilid Highway South”)

In addition, supporting the support message from the viewer is recruited in the Twitter hashtag “# No rumbling” and introduced in the program. In addition, for studio recording, the data to be played is the data created by the operation.

“White Silver Noel / Snowflower Lami” Elden Ring “is a multiplayer [Holo live]” is scheduled to be delivered from 19:00 on March 24 by Nico Nico live broadcast.

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