Resident Evil, Call of Duty, GTA: 12 games that have banned your parents at home

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In your childhood there were many games that you like to play – but your parents often have advanced these latches. We show you 12 games here, which were banned at your home.

GTA and Co: Games that you do not want to gamble

Of course, it had good reasons, but Nevertheless, you felt it at that time if your parents have forbidden certain games. Because they are too brutal. Because they show too much skin. Because her false things learns.

No matter how these confrontations are ultimately assumed, today it is fun to recall these prohibitions. We have asked you on Facebook ** which games you do not want to play in your childhood and how the reasons were for it. Regardless of whether these prohibitions really have something to see…

Yes, the lot of the gamer is not easy. Was it just as well or your parents were there “something loose”? Which games would you prohibit your children and which would you allow you to play? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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