Com2us, Choi Dong-won Baseball classroom

No One Is Trouble Free (Message for Sunday, March 20, 2022)

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo Reporter] Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) announced on the 30th that he sponsored ‘Choi Dong Won Baseball Classroom’ with Choi Dong-won’s families.

Com2us and Choi Dong-won Memorial Business Association have had a transfer of athletes, athletes, athletes, a baseball classroom, a parent, in front of the Choi Dong-won’s statue in Busan, Busan, a stadium in Busan.

This sponsor has gathered that Com2us and the athletes are raised to support the spirit of Choi Dong-won, which devoted to the early days of the domestic professional baseball and to expand baseball, Previously, Com2us, the Baseball Game New ‘Com2s Pro Baseball V22 (Company V22)’ was also introduced to the introductory video.

The Choi Dong-won Baseball Classroom was initiated in the purpose of contributing to the development of domestic baseball and contributing excellent baseball prospects to the oil year baseball classroom operated by Choi Dong-won Member since 2015. Busan regional elementary school students provide a variety of baseball programs to provide a sports participation opportunity for children’s talented residents as well as expanding the neat year baseball. The contributions that Com2us and Choi Dong-won’s oil prices have passed together will be used for purchasing equipment for baseball classrooms, and players support.

Com2us said, “I promote this sponsorship to help young players who take the will of the Lee Jung-cheon Choi Dong-won, and told the Little players who will lead the baseball game.” In the future, I will continue to come on. “

Choi Dong-won’s wife Shin Hyun-joo said, “I am glad to have a good job and a good job with people who have done a husband’s mother’s old appearance, and a good job to make a husband’s memories of her husband. He said he decided to be the supporter. “

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