Kirby y the Forgotten Land: Cómo vencer a Morpho Knight Boss Fight

When it comes to Kirby and his enemies, there will always be some fights of interesting bosses. We all know about Meta Knight and the complicated relationship between the two, while it is always worthwhile to discuss King dedede, Secttonia and more. Now, in the last adventure that is Kirby and The Forgotten Land, we can add a more challenging bosses fight to the list. If you’re wondering about How to beat Morpho Knight in Kirby and The Forgotten Land Let us help.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Morpho Knight Sword Destroys Bosses (Most OP Weapon)

How to beat Morpho Knight Boss Fight in Kirby and The Forgotten Land

As a secret final chief, you can expect Morpho Knight to be a difficult opponent to beat. In fact, you will first have to end the chief of Forgo Leon, who has two phases, before facing Morpho Knight. It is recommended that you buy a maxim tomato as a safety net before jumping to the challenge waiting for you in Ampo Land.

Once you have overcome the two phases of Forgo Leon, Morpho Knight will be the next challenge. Like the previous head, having the Blizzard Ice guard can be of great help, as it can block all attacks in addition to the firewaves.

Certain attacks on taking into account include the flying burst, which is quite reach and weaken the screens of the players and the strange movement, the aforementioned fire tornadoes that can be dodged using the spaces between the tornadoes. When Morpho Knight disrupt a fire wall, look for the section that is lowered and jump through it to get safe. Finally, when the boss uses the burning swords, you can dodge to avoid damage, while floating will keep you safe from the rest of the fire.

With sufficient perseverance and stronger copy skills, you will defeat the boss in a short time.

That’s all you need to know about ** How to beat Morpho Knight in Kirby and The Forgotten Land ****. If you need more information, such as all codes present, if Meta Knight is in the game or all playable characters, you can check our guides. Otherwise, be sure to search in Land everything else about games.

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