Neko-like biological brawl action “NYAAAANVY” April 22steam STEAM to Early Access Delivery Start. Aim for a true cat to the weapon

Domestic Indie Games Developer Team Digitalmind announced on April 2, as soon as possible from April 22, it announced that it will deliver early access from April 22. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam).

“NYAAAANVY” is a match of a cats like a cats, a match action game that fights Nyamby. Up to 6 people can play up to 6 online. A custom match that everyone can play freely, randomly, a rating match, and the like is mounted. Nyamby moves with Kneckune according to physical operation. It is the purpose of the game to make full use of the body and the buttocks from the stage.

Various types of stages are prepared in this work. In addition to flat stages set in the roof of the building, the stage where the bomb is installed at the center is also present. The bomb is a countdown expression, and when the count becomes zero, it will cause a blast that blows off Nyambi simultaneously. How to keep the accumulation damage to the explosion will be a share of the game.

Besides, a stage where a huge bar to rotate is installed. It seems that there may be a risk of being pushed and falling without avoiding the gimmicker. In addition, the entire stage where the whole became a belt conveyor is also appeared. From the conveyor, sometimes useful items may flow.

In this work, Customization function of Nyambi is also mounted. It seems that you can create your favorite Nyambie by free combination, such as coloring and face standing, hands and ears and tails. In addition, fashionable accessories also recorded. Equipped with angel wheels, ribbons, silk hats, etc., it would be nice to play in a match with your own Nyamby.

Team Digitalmind, which develops this work, is a domestic indie game production team. Mr. RRR, Mr. DOA, a pattern that is produced by the development system of three MilkCookie. As a past production, a wolf cuts food and released “Samurai Cooking” that a wolf cuts food and works on a byte life. We have acquired “popular” status from 49 Steam user reviews at the time of writing this paper. It seems that the feeling of feeling when successful and the fun to laugh even if it fails. I would like to expect a simplicity of games that are simple while “NYAAAANVY”.

The early access delivery period of “NYAAAANVY” is scheduled for three months. At the time of early access delivery, it is implemented that one-person play and play play, and up to six people in online mode are implemented. For a formal release, it is planned to be able to stabilize networks, add stages and customizations, and add match rules.

“NYAAAANVY” is scheduled to start early access delivery at STeam from April 22nd.

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