National team: Brazil and Argentina celebrate records in World Cup

South America’s football giants can look with a wide chest on the group draw to the World Cup finals on Friday in Doha. While Brazil on the way to Qatar thanks to a 4-0 (2: 0) in Bolivia with 45 meters, a new point record in the South American Eliminatoria’s imports, Argentina set a 1-1 (1: 0) in Ecuador a three decades of old top stamp of 31 performances without defeat.

Argentina Locker Room Celebrations After Winning The Copa America Final Against Brazil

Behind the Duo set as a group caps grabbed Uruguay, which ended with a 2-0 (0: 0) the World Cup dream of Chiles Altstar troupe, as well as Ecuador the other two direct tickets. After a 2-0 (2: 0) against Paraguay can still drive over the detour intercontinental playoffs to the World Cup, while Colombia at the end no longer handed a penalty gate of the ex-Munich James Rodriguez at 1: 0 (1: 0) in Venezuela.

Perus opponents To a World Cup ticket determine on June 7 Australia and the United Arab Emirates in the decision-making game of Asian qualification. A week later then follows the intercontinental excretion in Katars capital Doha.

Series is on the game

Without the new dream duo Neymar and Vinicius Junior, who was missing yellow-locked, left in the height of La Paz double scorer Richarlison (45., 90. + 1), Lucas Päqueta (24th) and Bruno Guimaraes (66th) the hosts the hosts Air go out. The Selecao overflowed the 14th win at three draws the 43 points that Argentina had brought to the 2002 World Cup. At the finals in Japan and South Korea, the Argentine then failed in the group stage.

As Brazil also marches Argentina without defeat by qualifying. After the guided tour of Julian Alvarez (24th) with its first country player, however, in Guayaquil, a fauldmeter transformed by Enner Valencia late (90. + 3) Lionel Messi and Co. brought around the victory. For the two World Cup favorites, the catchpiece for the duel broken last September is still – and its own series at stake.

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