Gotham Knights Taquine New Cosmetic Products

We have not heard much about Gotham Knights since the official revelation, but that does not mean that we do not have a good reason for being excited. Although Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is the only one of the next two “Batman” games in the Arkhavese, Gotham Knights seems to do his own thing by implementing RPG elements, up to each of the different heroes Playable. Have a different style of play.

The game allows you to control four different heroes – Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood and Batgirl – but it should be noted that these characters have decades of source material, with all that implies. For example, Nightwing and Red Hood have both started their career in the fight against the crime under the nickname of Robin, and Batgirl finally took a support role after being injured by the Joker, taking the nickname of Oracle and using its intellect and engineering technology. skills to help Batman again and again. With such a long story, it is natural that we apparently get alternative cosmetics for the characters – after all, if you only hold one outfit for decades at a time, you would like a change of clothes.

Batgirl’s cosmetics looks a lot like that of the images we have seen so far – maybe a little more purple (see below for comparison) but Robin and Red Hood have definitely air. Robin’s outfit in particular is a brutal update, accentuating the more campy and colorful outfit for which it is best known with a red hoodie sweatshirt.


As a nice touches that the game will feature a team of heroes and a direct multiplayer mode, each image has a silhouette in the background of another hero. After all, they are not called the Batfamily for nothing.

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