Borderlands 3: How to equip bibblots of arms

By playing borderlands 3 everything is customizing and what makes you a remarkable character when you play your game. You can do it with the weapons you wear, depending on the capabilities and talents that your Vault Hunter uses. Another unique way to do it is to use weapon trinkets. These hang on the side of your weapon when you use them. Here’s how you equip them with your weapon.

How to equip bibblots in Borderlands 3

Before equipping a bowel of weapons, will these little chips improve your game significantly? The unfortunate news is that they do not do it. They will not provide your characters with notable liabilities or give them a new skill to use in combat. It’s a fun and adorable way to make your weapon a single weapon while you wear it in combat. You are probably the only one who can see it, so do not expect your friends to notice it while you explode bad guys.

Fortunately, when you receive your babiole, these small cosmetic objects do not take room in your general inventory. They are on the side, which allows you to take as much as you can take. When you are ready to equip one, go to your main inventory and you will see a location on the left of your weapon. Scroll through the list and click on this location. You will see the list of available weapon trinkets that you have picked up, and you can choose the one you want to place on your firearm. Once again, since none of them offer advantages of game, liabilities or viable skills, you have the choice that suits you best.

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You can equip the same with many weapons. You are not limited to a bibellet by weapon. So you can place your favorite bibelle on each weapon you wear. You will go around this charm and will show it to all the bad guys you shoot.

Although weapon trinkets have no legitimate advantage, Borderlands 3 always offers a variety of choices and customization. You can start playing play now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Epic Games Store.

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