Invasor of Elden Ring becomes passing through Will Smith to release slaps

It is a fact that nobody will forget what happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock during the 94th edition of the Óscar Awards . Since then, things have been leaving very bad for the actor, and a player of Elden Ring ** has sought to capitalize on all this situation by invading others only to give them a slap and then withdraw. The most interesting thing about the matter is the name of him.

Will Smith Elden Ring MEMES
Someone who calls himself ‘ Will Smith ‘ at Elden Ring is doing just this: invades other players, it gives them a slap and then leaves the world of him as anything. This clip became viral for the first time in reddit , and here you can see yourself:

As you can see, the invader does nothing but give you a slap and then leaves, action that will undoubtedly cause more laughter than frustration among the players. At this point, it is likely that it is not even only one person, as there may be several users who share these intentions and it will certainly be interesting to know if more cases come out in the coming days.

Editor’s Note: Smith’s situation was definitely taken out of control, and as I mentioned earlier, this will definitely go to the laurels of history. Although this issue of Elden Ring is fun, the truth is that Smith could lose everything in case the great Hollywood producers decide to cancel the actor.

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