How does the multiplayer work in Crusader Kings 3?

Playing with your friends is always more fun in Crusader Kings 3. You can choose to work together to create a perfect world or try to see who can survive the longest as long as your leaders work throughout history to develop their dynasties. To play a multiplayer part, you can choose to host a game or locate one in the main lobby.

When you access the main menu screen, under the Solo section, there is a multiplayer part. You can choose to host the game or join the one your friend creates. The one who hosts the game will hold the majority of the weight necessary to the rendering of the game and will probably have the saved party on its hardware.

The person beginning the game must choose to start the game on January 1, 867 or September 15, 1066. You can only choose these dates. On the right side, you can decide to make the game private or public, its name, or if it has a password. If you return to an old multiplayer part, the recorded data must be in the lower left of the menu, where you can load them and join them with a friend.

Clash of Crusader Kings 3: Multiplayer Campaign (Total War Crew) [Brittany]
After choosing your settings and the game starts, you have the full map to choose from where to start. You can change the rules of the game like all the rules of a solo part, except that you can not engage in an IRONMAN mode, which means you can not make successful. Any multiplayer game you play in Crusader Kings 3 does not allow you to gain success.

When you and your friends choose the leaders you want to play, you are free to play Crusader Kings 3 as you please.

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