Xbox unveils free games for May 2020

Each month, Xbox publishes a handful of free games for those who have Xbox Live Gold or the Xbox Game Pass. These games can be downloaded at any time of the month for absolutely nothing. In addition, you do not rent these titles either. These games are forever. It has been a huge success so far and it does not seem that Xbox hopes to remove anything from this service. The free games of May 2020 are quite varied. It is safe to say that there is a little something for everyone.

First, the V-Rally 4. This is a classic rally racing game. Rather than taking a beautiful sports car for a quiet and relaxing driving around a paved raceway, the V-Rally 4 will hit the players hit in muddy bends and dangerous courses. This is not your typical race game. While games like Forza will take you to high-class places like Monaco or Paris, the V-Rally 4 courses are in the snowy jungles and mountains.

On May 18, players will be able to travel to the Warhammer 40k world when the game Inquisitor Martyr will be available. The world of 40 km is filled with breath of blood, guts, blood and excessive violence that everyone can endure. This is not the typical FPS you can expect, but rather a descending RPG that you can play with your friends. The gameplay may not look like a lot at first sight, but there is much more than it seems. Not to mention the fantastic backdrop that the Warhammer 40K universe brings.

Your free Xbox Live Games with Gold for May have been announced

Remember that these games are only available for those who have Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass. If you have none, you can play these games.

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