Two standards and an own goal: Club logs back in the ascent race

Club coach Robert Klauß had to change to the 1: 3 in Heidenheim and replace Nuremberg (gel barrier), he exchanged three times: Geis, Krauß and Dovedan came to the team for Nuremberg, Duman and Schleimer (both bank).

Darmstadt’s coach Torsten Lieberknecht renounced after the sovereign appearance at 3: 1 against Kiel on big rotation, only clikes played for Honsak (bank).

Reneweller seemed took off from the impetus from a great backdrop and over 30,000 spectators, the guests from Southern Hesse, where Seydel from a few meters left the first great opportunity already after a few moments (2.).

Schindler to Aluminum – Dovedan heads Nuremberg in the lead

The club fell slightly in the initial phase, Sobiech and Patric Pfeiffer were physically clearly superior to Köpke and Dovedan in the twin-tip at the Nurembergers and came up well. And on the other side, Luca Pfeiffer atticed at himself, Mathenia thwarted his header but (20th).

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Subsequently, a little blade and Nuremberg turned brave. Schindler opened the tremendous phase of the hosts with a header to the latte (25th), then the great penetration force was missing, but the Central Franconia were further dominant. And these optical superiority moved to the lead before the break in the lead: Geis’ free kick reached the comparatively small Dovedan (1, 71 meters), which placed the head of the penalty and the slightly unfortunate shoes overwall (43.).

Club to passive: Luca Pfeiffer may cheer

Lieberknecht brought Tietz for Seydel for the second section – and the lilies started much more offensive. But that was also because the Club passive to works and only reacted – that should be quick to avenge: After a fall of Bader, Köpke perfined by strong but forbidden hand reflex, the rebound transformed Luca Pfeiffer to 1: 1 (58. ), Köpke then looked yellow. Pfeiffer ended with his durst track of twelve games without gate a bit.

Darmstadt remained in the episode on the pusher, but had to do without goalkeeper shoes, which was injury due to violence (66.). As soon as the game ran again, Luca Pfeiffer missed the housing only scarce (67.).

Joker Schleimer stands – Leipold becomes a mischief

20 minutes before the end it became an open exchange exchange, both teams played on victory and offered the spectators good entertainment, but there was a lack of precision at the front. So the club had a standard again to pull the game back on his side: the substitute Duman brought the leather to the previously died scrub, which made no chance with his hearty Behrens (82.).

Thereafter, the club defended decisively until the six-minute injection time in which the lilies did not get any significant value. Instead, the Middle Franconia even increased with the final whistle: Second league debutant Leipold stumbled with a Schleimermegefigbe involuntarily into his own housing (90. + 6).

Thus, the club returns to the rise of success in the success of success and in the middle of the climbing race, next week is then against another direct competitor: Nuremberg travels on Sunday (13.30 clock) to Bremen. No less exciting then it will be for the lilies, the southern Hesse at the same time Schalke.

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