When apex legends will come out

During the OAPEX LEGENDS_ EA Live Dissemination Segment, EA Play on June 18, the Respawn Entertainment developer revealed that he brought the game Battle Royale FREE on Nintendo Switch. You will be able to experience the Nintendo Portable Console in the fall of 2020, but the exact date has not been communicated. For the curious, the autumn 2020 will probably mean that the release date is in September or October.

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The announcement of APEX LEGENDS having a crossed game feature is also released at the same time, and it will arrive in the fall of 2020. The two dates and the ads calendar probably suggest that they arrive at the same time. It is incredibly likely that when Switch players will have access to the game, they will also have the opportunity to play with many of their friends on all platforms.

With APEX LEGENDS being a free game, it will work in the same way as FortNite On the Switch works where you will not have to buy the Nintendo subscription service to access multiplayer features. Traditionally, if you want to play an online game via a switch, you must have a Nintendo Online subscription. Although there was no official announcement of this choice, it is an extremely likely possibility given the history of Nintendo in the management of free games on its platform.

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