Highly rated slippage with the village operation card game “Stacklands” Steam. A system that combines cards and resource management

Developer’s SOKPOP Collective started delivery of Village Operation Card Games “ STACKLANDS ” on April 9th for STEAM. It seems that your own game potence will be popular, who will play forgotten and play. In addition, this work has been released from April 1 to ITCH.IO.

“STACKLANDS” is a card game with a unique rule. We will combat resource management and enemies by making full use of various cards to operate the village while making a quest. Various cards exert effect as a solitaire. For example, villagers (Villager) are said to be able to harvest Berry after a certain period of time by overlapping the Berry Bush. The harvested Berry can be the food of the villagers, as well as sold and replaced with coins. Food values and selling prices are indicated at the lower left and lower right of the card.

The game progresses in real time, and when the gauge in the upper right of the screen is accumulated, the month has elapsed. At the end of the month, since the villagers consume food, it is necessary to secure food values for the number of people before the gauge is accumulated (a food value 2 required per person).

Card selling and card pack purchases can be dragged and dropped to black icons on the screen. Cards available from the card pack are randomly discharged from the determined several types. In addition to resource cards such as trees, stones and villagers, there are those called ideas cards in the cards that are discharged. The idea card can confirm the recipe for various crafts. For example, it can be seen from the “House” idea card that two trees and one stone and villager card can be combined to build a house. By the way, “Baby” card appears by overlapping two villagers on the house card, and villagers can increase. Even without idea cards, crafts are possible, and the recipe can be confirmed from the top left “IDEA” tab. It would be nice to sell it without hesitation.

The card pack is unlocked by the new type by achieving the quest displayed on the upper left of the screen. Let’s actively pull card packs aiming at the cards needed to achieve the quest. For that purpose, it is important to sell more and more cards. The maximum number of possessions has been defined in the card, and cards exceeding the number of limits must be sold after the end of food consumption at the end of the month (the card to be sold can be selected). Since the creature is also discharged from the second half card pack, it is necessary to create weapons such as “SPEAR” card.

It will be the main purpose of the main work of aiming for the completion of the card pack, but for that purpose, the operation of the village is essential. Depending on the various cards discharged from the pack, the coin is saved well with the limit of the limit while securing food. Of course, it should be not forgotten to have a battle with a creature. Since the time passes in real time during the game, a quick decision is required. Backing to the appearance of the horny, it is a game with a playful game (it is also possible to stop the time course by posing).

Working on this work is SOKPOP COLLECTIVE based in the Netherlands. Railroad simulation “SOKO LOCO DELUXE” and a studio that has been engaged in highly valued real-time SLG, such as simulation “SIMMILAND” with a card with a card. This work and STEAM Store Reevation won the “very popular” status that 90% is well received at the time of the article writing. As a small new title, the number of simultaneous connection players is also strong, and more than 1000 days continues (STEAMDB). It seems that it will be gaming for forgotten time and played, and its popularity is growing earlier.

“STACKLANDS” is on sale for PC (STeam / Itch.io).

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