We failed

“We fought to the end, but we failed. It’s extremely sorry for our fanbase. I’m sorry for the bus family (owners of the Lakers, D.Red.) That gave us all possibilities. We wanted to bring success to the club – and did not do that, “said a knicked Frank Bird, who had led the Lakers 2020 to the title.

And Carmelo Anthony, one of the Altstars in the team, added after the defeat at the Phoenix Suns, which meant to miss the play-offs, on: “Some things we could control, some not. There are no excuses, we just do not have it made.”

The reasons for failure are as often complex. But one of the main reasons is certainly the injury spoken of the Lakers. LeBron James and Anthony Davis fell out again and again. First-mentioned played 56 games, second-sized even only 40. “We had more startups in this season as a victory,” Davis said, which was missing for a walk of foot injury and only 21 times with James and Westbrook was in the parquet: “It becomes difficult to win a championship if your three best people so rarely play together. “

And then “Ad” made “Ad” impressively clear with a sentence, how miles the proud team from L.a. has missed the seasonal goal: “Our goal was to win the championship.”

The Lakers are standing in front of a change

Of course you have to always have a team with LeBron James in terms of titles on the note, especially if he has a player like Anthony Davis at his side. The third star should actually be Russell Westbrook. But his trade maybe was the beginning of the end. Because with the commitment of “Russ” l.a. Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Montrezl Harrell returned to Washington. These were all three good to very good role players. Westbrook was a shadow of his own this season, never really arrived in Los Angeles and became even part of the target of the fans, which were of course too disappointed with so many weak games. A trade would not surprise. But is there a customer? After all, Westbrook does not earn little.

Lebron is still playing at top level

'LeBron James essentially manufactured his own failure the last 2 years' in L.A. - JWill | KJM

The construction of a new “Big Three” fails miserably. Now questions have to be answered. For example: is coach bird still the right man? Is the personnel policy the right one? What team does a LeBron James needed in his last year? Fact is: The “King” has also shown at 37 years that he can play outstanding basketball. With just under 30 points on average, it is currently the second best scorer of the entire NBA and hunting the all-time record of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. But he just needs a team around him, with whom he can be successful. And that was definitely not the case this year.

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