How to quickly make money in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands

Gold is what makes the countries of miracles to rotate, and almost everything in the Wonderland of Tina’s crumbs has its price. But, as in all the Luter-shooters, making money is not as difficult, mainly because most of the items that you collect have a certain value.

Making Gold in Wonderland Tiny Wonderland

Backpack Sdues

To make a lot of money in the Wonderland, you must start with your update backpack Sdu . This will give you more space in your inventory. The more places you have, the more you can lay when visiting any of the vending machines on the map. This can be done by visiting the blacksmith in bright hoof .

Lost Izzy’s Fizzies

After updating your inventory, you want to check зи и и чибещь , which can also be found in a bright hoove. Here you can access the vending machine, in which all rare items that you could miss, exploring the world are collected. If so, then you will definitely collect all the remaining items and sell them for an excess coin.

Temple Moul A

How to get UNLIMITED MONEY (GOLD) in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands!
Outside the bright hooves you want to dig as much as possible parts of the sanctuary as far as possible for the temple of Moul A Quest. You can collect three things, each of which can be obtained after the adoption Knife to meet you Quest in the upper world. Upon completion, you will receive 10% Bonus for Gold .


Finally, you want to farm bosses, as they are more likely to give rare prey, which can then be sold in any nearest vending machine. Bosses worth paying attention to, Lissa in Crackmast Cove and Castor skeleton of normal size in tangldift. A victory over any of them will bring you high-quality prey, as well as a significant amount of gold.

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Tiny tinas wonderlands

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