The star of halo, Pablo Schreiber, mocks the first meeting between the Master Chief and the Makee of the Covenant

Aureola La Star Pablo Schreiber is starting to plant the seeds for the first confrontation between Master Chief and Makee. He Aureola The television series has had many unique turns in the tradition of iconic videogame franchise, but perhaps the greatest and possibly the most controversial comes from a human woman who is part of the covenant. Makee is the only known human that is actively within the pact and seems to be one of the program’s antagonists. As things are heated in the series, many expect Master Chief and Makee to face face, possibly for a battle.

‘Halo’ Star Pablo Schreiber on Molding Himself into Master Chief

Speaking with TV Line, Pablo Schreiber confirmed that the characters will be found during this season and even mocked when to expect the confrontation. Schreiber noted that fans can expect Master Chief to finally meet MAKEE in the middle of the 9 episode series, which means we could see that it happens as soon as this week or the next. As for what fans can expect from the meeting of two minds, Schreiber suggested that it can not be anything positive. “Well, she is committed to her eradication and she is supporter from Covenant, so she can not go well, or yes?” You can see MAKEE in the trailers causing chaos, so it is likely that she gets involved in something more than just exchange some words. Despite not being an alien warrior with a dangerous blaster or a sword of energy, she looks like a safe and capable village.

From now on, aureola has greatly been a success. He Aureola The series established records for Paramount + in its debut in March and has received positive critics reviews. Aureola has already received green light for a second season, but so far no details about history have been offered, the release date or anything else. Fans are likely to obtain an indication of where the program is directed at the end of season 1, in case it ended with some kind of open history threads or moments of suspense.

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