Wow: The best (and annoying) bosses of Shadowlands

With the mausoleum of the first, the final RAID of the current WoW extension has now been open for several weeks and the eleven bosses are already a hundred and a thousand times the brave hero fell victim. And you can say about Shadowlands what you want – and above all the early patches were completely criticized hard – but the raids and the bosses therein definitely belong to what we were allowed to experience in over 17 years Wow.

It’s almost scary, as the developers manage again and again, cool, new mechanics from the hat to conjure up, or to combine old mechanics so skilfully that they work new and fresh. Of course, there are also some pipe talkers in Shadowlands – so bosses that were playfully neither demanding, nor in any other way exciting exciting. The crowd kept within limits. In return, we got a row of bosses, which we also think back in many years with a smile on the lips.

Exactly these bosses we want to present you today – the top 5 bosses of the thousand times editor! And at the end, we might give one or the other “very special” award. Because not to all bosses we will remember because they were good.

In the following video you will find our complete ranking in perfect overview:

Rank 5 – Sylvanas Wind Runners

The fight Ghegen Sylvanas was extremely cool – but also extremely long. Source: thousand times The fifth place in our ranking takes on the former leader of the Horde – Sylvana’s wind runners. The fight against the Banshee, and there can not be two opinions, it is greatly staged and fits perfectly from the mechanics and presentation.
In our eyes, however, the fight could have been a bit shorter. Especially the first two phases are not very challenging, but take extremely long and must be played again and again to use the final phase. Therefore, it has been enough for the 5th place.

Place 4 – Rescue of the Sun Qoren

The salvation of the sunny queen was finally a healer boss again. Source: Blizzard On the 4th place sorts with us the rescue of the Sun Qoren. And we are aware that many may be even less than pink-haired Gnome. But the healing mechanics, the nostalgia thanks to Kael’thas and the permanent pressure on healers and damage distributors to comply with the tight timings, have rinsed this fight to the fourth place of our ranking.

Place 3 – Lady inerva dark leader

Inerva dark leader offered us a cool mechanics, in which we had to decide myself. Source: Blizzard The lowest place on the podium is none other than a lady inerva dark leader – especially due to the special mechanics. Similar to the Donnerk├Ânig it also said: PICK YOUR POISON! By operating the containers, we were allowed to determine with which reinforced abilities we wanted to accept it and which we prefer to delay as long as possible. A good design and, that should not be neglected, a very good balancing rang here for third place.

Place 2 – Anduin Wrynn


Anduin is for many of the actual endboss in the mausoleum of the first! Source: Blizzard The silver medal goes to the leader of the Alliance. Anduin was for most of the actual endboss in the mausoleum of the first and we see that too. Spoiler: The Chairman did not even make it in our list. Three phases, two intermediate phases, lots of skills and reunion with an old acquaintance make this fight to a true spectacle. Unfortunately, the developers threw so many Nerfs on the young king that the fight is not so exciting due to the low level of difficulty.

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