Futuristic mystery experience experience experienced by “Crimesight (crimsite)” [Play Repo]

KONAMI launched the match mystery simulator “ CRIMESIGHT (crimsite)” against STEAM on April 15.

In this work, Mr. Nitahara, who is researching Sherlock Holmes, such as Mr. Nitahara, who is studying Sherlock Holmes, is developed in the game. increase.

In the article, we will deliver the appearance of the match to actually conducted this work in the editorial department. There was one-handed one hand, and the deputy depth of reasoning and the “match mystery simulator” and the genre name were also defined, and the result of convincing was expressed.


The stage is about 50 years after about 50 years from now. In the world where the network was developed, the incidence of violent crimes in the world decreased by 90% as a result of building a system that predicts the future of evil crimes and prevented in advance.

However, the future is predicted that the world destroys due to a violent crime that the system can not prevent. The system produces an AI “SHERLOCK” specialized for retrieving and identifying the cause to prevent its destruction.

AI that bears the name of a strange detective of a strange detective appearing in the old generation novel is pursuing the cause, and a large amount of guidance will be aware of the existence of the AI “moriarty” that is the center of the case. The two fights will be reproduced in the future where the network has developed.

# Evolution version of the so-called “people game game”

Well, the player’s role of this work is the assistant of the AI “SHERLOCK” or “Moriarty” introduced earlier, and it is to pay attention to reaching each purpose. As a genre of work, it belongs to a concealed concealment system called a so-called person.

The game can play with a minimum of two and up to four people. And both sidellagers are invaded with the player as a system that will be the stage of the match. In the “prediction site” of murderes that will occur from now on, we will operate the characters in the house.

In the “Shelock” camp, it is killed by “killer” that is randomly selected from the “pawn (piece)” that exists in the stage that is the stage that is the stage.. Or victory if you can determine the “killer” by the situation evidence. Conversely, the “Moriarty” camp will win if you kill the target in time.

However, the information visible by each side and the operating conditions of the “pawn” are greatly different.

First of all, the “SHERLOCK” side of the village side. This can manipulate all the characters that exist in the house. There are many search points in the house, so you can find various items and gimmics (such as weapons, food, distribution boards, hidden passages, etc.) by searching. The number of pawns that can be moved in one turn will vary with the number of players, but the “Sherlock” camp is always more than one hand than the “Moriarty” camp.

However, “SHERLOCK” camp is unknown at the first stage that who is “Killer” in “Target”. In addition, “Killer” kills “Target” “The killer owns the weapon” “Killer and target are in the same area (the same place)” “The room (partitioned by the wall and door There must be three conditions that do not exist except for killer and target in space).

You need to check the player who produces the situation that meets such a condition or to create a situation where it will cause it to occur, and you need to act as the intent of the “moriarty” camp.

In addition, while playing “this pawn this pawn is moved”, the UI is built into a simple and important communication very easy. So, it is difficult to conflict with operation by conveying its own intention.

However, there is also a risk that the “Moriarty” camp will also communicate your own intention and be back. Therefore, it is also possible not to send only a specific player when this player is not “Moriarty”. Make full use of such functions to work together with allies well.

In addition, when the date changes (once in 3 turns), the special abilities of “Sherlock” will teach you “whether or not the killer exists within 3 squares of the target”. This will give you more information, so let’s use it well.

However, there are many people who are confused because a large amount of information comes in at a stretch at the same time. In order to such a person, only the cursor is matched to each pawn, and it is possible to make an easy-to-understand manner (if it is assumed that the pawn is targeted, which can be a killer).

Also, AI and players will explain the current possibilities and situations in an easy-to-understand manner. As the current situation will be briefly collected, the player is very grateful to be able to concentrate on reasoning. It is AI with a motif of a rumbling person.

# Future murder reality reality with the power to expect everything

Well, one “Moriarty” camp. Basic operation does not change anything with “SHERLOCK”. However, there are several powers that have only the “Moriarty” camp.

One is where there are weapons and food in the house, and all “Moriarty” camps are understood. In particular, weapons are necessary for killing, and food is not at the end of the day, narrowing the behavior of the “pawn”. So I would like to have a lot in the pawn, which is a killer. By the way, the weapon is red and the food is displayed at a green light point, and “not even a weapon or food” is an orange light point.

And the other is “priority”. If the “Sherlock” and “Moriarty” camps try to operate the same character, the “Moriarty” camp will always take precedence. Therefore, in an important aspect, the “Moriarty” camp is always given intended movement to “pawn”.

However, if the operation conflicts, it is grasped that the “Sherlock” camp has prioritized pawn’s operation. And here is important, but the “moriarty” camp can not move the pawn specified in “Target” by itself. Therefore, if a conflict occurs, “Sherlock” campaign is “at least the fact that at least the target” is inserted. You will need to be careful about that point.

# Any “accident” and one “AI”

Well, the mansion that will be the stage in this work will sometimes occur. An unpredictable event will occur. That is the “wild dog” and “gas leak”. “Logy dog” is crazy to various places for each turn, and if you find the pawn, attack “injured”. “Gas leak” is an event that a specific room is filled with gas. When the turn is entered and the turn is completed, the pawn will be injured.

The pawn decreases the distance that can be moved to one turn when a debug such as “injury” “hunger” occurs. When two Devuffs are held, it will be “dying”, and the distance to move will be further reduced, and the visibility will be lost. This makes it difficult to prevent the crime, so the “Sherlock” camp must move to the pawn that is not a target or killer. Conversely, if the doubts of the killer are doubted, it will be able to significantly reduce the risk of being killed by the target.

And, in this work, there is a third AI “IRENE” that cooperates with the “Moriarty” camp. This corresponds to a madman who says a game game. “Irene” is as “Moriarty”, who is targeted by anyone with the key or from the beginning. The victory conditions are also the same as “Moriarty”. Moreover, who is the player who “Moriarty”, who is “Sherlock”. (This is the same as “Moriarty”)

The ability of “IRENE” can send a secret encryption, that is, communication chat that can only be seen in “Moriarty”. This makes it possible to collect with two people. ** If the behavior between “Sherlock” overlaps, it will be full random whether to carry out either action, but “IRENE” forged the “SHERLOCK” signal and moves the pawn Works the same as “Sherlock”. For this reason, “Sherlock” can not detect whether it is “IRENE” when it is batted with “IRENE”. Using this, “IRENE” can interfere with the behavior of “SHERLOCK” camp.

However, “IRENE” has fewer numbers from other AIs to move pawn at once, and information on what is placed in the hall is not good enough. (This is the same as “SHERLOCK”). Also, as with “Moriarty”, you can not move the target pawn from yourself. There are many restrictions, communication needs to be used more than necessary, but if it is good enough to put out the warpassing reasoning AI “SHERLOCK” if it is good.

In addition, the presence or absence of sudden events and “IRENE” can be adjusted by the room. If you are not familiar with sudden events, you will be able to taste the deeper mystery experience when you add more complex reason and unstertable elements.

# Slender and thinking about thinking, pleasure to face

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The UI is very sophisticated so that “CRIMESIGHT” can play without using voice chat. Therefore, it was an impression that the mechanism that could feel free to experience the play that can be played out sometimes with a stranger and sometimes. Of course, when you play while talking, the fun is “add”, but because conversation is not essential to the essential part of the game, it is possible to enjoy reasoning and forgiveness with overseas players with different languages I can do it.

Sometimes it is a simple game, such as when it is a reasoning game, sometimes the difficult situation must be thought in a short time. However, if you can play with people who love the reasoning games, or those who have a friendly friend, this work is very recommended. Unique AI will deliver a dense “Mystery” to the player in a short time.

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