How to destroy a building with a majestic agent in Destroy All Humans

In the new mission of Dew all humans, Title South by Southwest, you are responsible for doing damage to the federal agency, which makes you spend the hardest time on earth. Immediately after landing, you must destroy vehicles and kill humans, with an optional goal of killing majestic agents with the ionic detonator, your new weapon for this mission.

After finishing this, Orthopox will ask you to return to your saucer. It’s time to destroy majestic buildings and kill more agents. You will notice here an optional new goal to destroy a building with a Majestic agent. This can be one of the most difficult goals as it can be difficult to determine if you recruit an agent, military personnel or civil. Fortunately, you can choose an agent by following the point marker for killing an agent, or looking for someone in black suit.

To achieve this goal, we recommend that you first launch some fast laser beams in the small building at the back on the water. Make sure you do not do it too much for destroying, you only want fire starts to germinate. Now, quickly take a Majestic agent and return to the building. Position your saucer so that you can start the agent directly on the building. In contact, the agent will die and the building will undergo damage. If the throw does not fall the building, simply find the same body you just launched and start again. It does not matter whether he is alive or dead, the final blow on the building must just be agent.

How to Destroy a Car With Human and a Building with Majestic Agent #destroyallhumans
There is only a limited number of agents in this area while the military appears continuously, so be careful not to kill them all before reaching the goal. If you are mistaken, you must start all the mission again.

Once the goal is finished, complete the rest of the agents and buildings marked to complete the mission.

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