A zoo operated sim “Prehistoric Kingdom” on April 27 scheduled for early access

Crytivo announced that the simulation “ PREHISTORIC KINGDOM ” under development is being developed, and announced that it started from April 27 overseas time.

This game was once in a prehistoric, and a single player work that operates a zoo that deals with extinct species now.

# Customization of gene level from the operation of construction and rearing of gardens

In actual gameplay, using the construction tools in the work, it is installed in the vast location, a forest, mountain, river, sturdy dwelling, huts, etc. Ensure the safety of the garden and ensure the safety of the visitors, and customize the new organisms and the epidermis of new organisms from all over the world, architecture and breeding and reproduction of animals, and genes of endangered species It is supposed to be fun.

Prehistoric Kingdom Is Here! Let's Build A Dinosaur Park! | Prehistoric Kingdom Alpha Gameplay

# Early access for up to 2 years of annual starts from April 27

This time, the early access start date of this work was announced overseas time April 27th. The period is expected to be 18 to 24 months, and it is extended as needed. For formalization, while getting players’ opinion, new animals and game mechanics, and the KickStarter campaign of the cloud funding held at the end of the past 2017, we will develop stretch goal elements such as disaster events and further skins of animals..

Start initial initials

At the start of early access, 22 types including Tilanosaurus, Triceratops, Lanvene Osavirus, Styrasorus, Mammoth, Smilodon, Coeldonta **. It will be added further in future development.

In the above-mentioned Teaser video, the above-mentioned Teaser video has also been featured in a plurality of television programs in Japan, Mr. Niger Marven, who performs the appearance and production of the UK wild animal program, is responsible for narration. Is.

Early access to “Prehistoric Kingdom” is targeted for PC and will be started at STeam on April 27, 28.99 dollars. It is also treated in the EPIC Games store. A formal trailer is scheduled to be released on April 21st.

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