We are in 2021 and these things in the game have to change

It will be an exciting year for games. The PlayStation 5 has now stormed the door, offering what many have called the first piece of real new generation innovation for years with the dualsense 5. PC enthusiasts have literally beaten one inch of their life for A 3080. KFC has published what could probably be the biggest threat to Sony, Microsoft and really everyone who considers to publish a console. And, talking about Microsoft, I think they also published something.

However, despite all this gaming goodness that will continue to offer during this (and many) years beyond, I think most of them should be a few things in the game industry that needs to change. Like now.

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We look at you, Ubisoft. But, if you are a different developer, do not think a second that you can fly under the radar with this shit. Nobody has nothing to fuck if your card is an individual reconstruction of the United States continental. If there is nothing to do in his limits, what’s the good? Ubisoft – to their honor – tried to give more details to what that had been tempted in the past with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Keyword; tried. Oh, and Rockstar, for the love of God, can you tell us what’s going on with Red Dead Online? There was more content in Grand Theft Auto: London 1961. And no, it’s not a typo.

I know it has already been said. I _Conne. But it’s enough. And it comes from a guy who, three years ago, you would have told you to bite a bag of hammers if you had suggested to withdraw my sports games.

But I can not do it anymore. I am tired of always being promised a steak and receive dog food with whole wheat. I am tired of providing my hopes. I’m just tired. Chel is zero. Madden is zero. The NBA 2K franchise is no more than a virtual casino. Even my beloved MLB The Show slows up with tangible annual progress. And I would like to say that the solution is to take leave every two years, but the fact is that things will not improve as long as the rights of the league will not be shared between everyone.

So maybe the number five should be “EA develops a whole and welcomes competition.”

Here’s the trick: CyberPunk 2077 was fucked. Like, hard. The developers have come out and said that in internal, the game was not supposed to be ready before 2022. And the leaders were still confronted with the dilemma to “go out the game now or risk losing the audience you worked near a decade to build. What would you do in this situation?

The answer is that it does not matter. You are damned if you do it and damn it if you do not do it. Here is an idea for all businesses: do not vain your average game as a revolutionary advance for the kind. Even if CyberPunk has been launched without all the technical problems, one can not deny that the experience itself is decidedly banal. You would have more pleasure to discover that your wife was three with a Rodeo clown and his manager. And do not think I forgotten you, No Man’s Sky. Or as I like to call it, “no man would never want to play that. »

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