Elden Ring: Gideons theory ofnir born in a Streaming of Chusa who goes around the world

These last days a theory about Elden Ring has turned around the world. Born in the streaming of Chusa Montero , and sponsored by two habitual ones of her direct as vanesa and sebas , she has had so much repercussion that she has become part of the cover of several international digital media. And that theory talks about one of the most important characters in history that is told to us in the new Software game.

A lot has been talked about the sick care of the Streamer, always equipped with the spyglass to take a look at all the statues, blazons and other matters that for the rest of mortals are simple atrezo within Elden Ring. But the truth is that, although Miyazaki will not come out to confirm it, he has all the meaning of the world.

Gideon Ofnir, the omniscient

Elden Ring - Sir Gideon Ofnir, The All-Knowing Boss Fight (4K 60FPS)

In the Elden Ring intro we are talking about Gideon Ofnir as one of the Sinceluz in the middlelands. Shortly after starting the game, this character will be presented at the round table, the rest area of the Sinceluz. He seems to be the leader of this faction, and as little he is one of the characters that have the most answers; That is not little thing if we take into account how crippical is the narrative of from.

Little by little we are knowing him and, as it is revealed throughout the hours, he is a character who, as little, hides some other secret. And one of them is that of how he can learn about everything that happens, or almost everything, without leaving the beloved place of studying him at the round table . Well, that’s what Chusa has answered and the community of him.

The secret is on the beetles

It was in the live a couple of days ago when the theory was interwoven, but also when it was written and was shaped post in Reddit, written by Vanesa itself. After analyzing the name of it, it is found that there is a species of beetle whose name is _ xylotrupes gideon _ . Ofnir is also the name that is given to Odin in certain circles, a character of the Nordic mythology listening to and sees through the crows of him.

With this, clear, the theory is as follows: Gideon Ofnir sees through certain beetles that we find in the adventure . If we look at things like the crimson tear beetle, a special helmet that offers us resistances in exchange for some increase in the damage suffered, we see that he has drawn an eye identical to the Set of the Gideon servants. Similarly, they also have that drawing the ball scarves that we see during the adventure and that they provide us with bottles if we defeat them.

The theory goes further and comes to say that it is possible that our bottle of tears, the basic curative object can be an espionage device by OFNIR. If we complement this with a beetle map, we can see why there are certain sites of which Gideon does not have too many clues.

As you can check in the comments of Reddit, This theory continues to evolve and add layers , but its base is quite plausible. Maybe we never know from the hands of Software if this is real, although the tests are overwhelming.

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