Netflix premieres animated shorts from Stranger Things

With the premiere of the fourth season of _ Stranger Things _ a month away, Netflix has given the advertising of this series. In this way, a series of animated shorts have been released that are focused on recapitulating the most important events of the latest seasons.

STRANGER MORNING CARTOONS is a collection of six animated shorts. These works are in charge of different users, each has a unique artistic style , and are focused on the most iconic moments of the series. From the Hopper letter at the end of the third season, even Eleven using the powers of him to launch a truck. This is the description of Netflix:

“It has been a pleasure to make your Saturdays stranger. A applause for all the incredible creators who made it possible. Enjoy, nerds. “

These are the names of the shorts and their animators:

Stranger Things 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix
-Resume of season 1 by

-The Van Flip of Smog

-The Gate of Will Bars & Hush London

-The arcade of Claudia Brugnaletti and Hush London

-Steve and Dustin by Pedro Allevato alias “Sugar Blood”

-The letter from

The first part of the fourth season of STRANGER THINGS will be released on May 27, 2022 . On related topics, here you can check the most recent trailer of the series. In the same way, these are the new details of the series.

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