Ubisofts GTA gets its own manga

UbiSoft’s Open World Series Talks to Tokyo from today. However, not as video game, but as a handful manga. We tell you what it has the latest Watch Dogs project and where you can read the work legally.

The Watch Dogs conquer Japan

Chicago, San Francisco and London. The Watch Dogs Universe has already had a few well-known cities as a setting. Now the Japanese capital Tokyo is also joined. At Watch Dogs Tokyo , however, is not a game, but a manga:

Responsible for the new manga is Kamo Syouhei , who has already worked as a draftsman on renowned works like Gangsta. The story, however, comes from Shirato Seichi , who was responsible as a Story Advisor for the video game Judgment.

What is it in Watch Dogs Tokyo?


However, in the games, the latest Watch Dogs project revolves around the topic Hacking . Thus, the manga accompanies a group of young hackers who want to bring a corrupt group (“Bloom Japan”) to the route.

Whether there will be a direct or indirect connection to the games, is currently unclear. However, the name of said Group suggests that there may be certain relationships with flower corporation.

The Flower Corporation acts as an enemy in the first three watch dogs games. In this respect, a Cameo of Watch Dogs-protagonist Aiden Pearce is also possible.

The manga is available from the 12. April 2022 About the website Kuragage Bunch. This makes sense but only if you master the Japanese language.

An official translation in English or German has not yet been announced. However, since the Watch Dogs brand is popular above all in the West, should be an official announcement only a matter of time.

New world

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