[Todays Steam] Cyber Punk 2077, Rejection to Expand Pack News

The concept patches and expansion packs were called ‘Cyber Punk 2077’, which is reevaluated by the release schedule,

Cyberpunk 2077 - Today's News Changes EVERYTHING! A Critical Update from CD Projekt RED!
On the 19th, 10:40, Cyber Punk 2077, the world’s best sales ranking ranking ranks. It is the following, and Lego Star Wars, which was proud of the recent fans’s favorable fans. Considering the many criticisms that were received in the beginning of the release, it can be a remarkable achievement.

This ranking is estimated to have a variety of composite elements added together. Cyber Punk 2077 has received 1.5 patches in February and received unprecedented popularity. It was not perfect, but the evaluation was severe that the game was enjoyable, In the last 15 days, the expansion pack release has been disclosed in the disclosure of many fans. As this is a 50% discount event, the name of the sales volume was overlapped with a 50% discount.

In this out, No Men’s Sky and Little Knight Mare 2 were ranked 5th and 7th, each, and each was ranked 5th and 7th, and the Edition 3 Goty edition was ranked 8th with sales.

In the steam simultaneous connection ranking, the vampire survivor has disappeared from TOP 20, and the spot has been piped 22. In this outbreak, the football manager 2022 ranked 16th to 13th positions, and the ranking of Rainbow Sixswear, the opposite level, has been ranked 14th to 15th.

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