What is Bonelab? Release date, gameplay and more!

Bonelab is a coming game for virtual reality from Stress Level Zero developers, which is a continuation of their popular BoneWorks game. The new game was presented at Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 April 20, 2022. In the new trailer, information on the release date, game process and many other things were presented.

What is the release date Bonelab?

Bonelab is an adventure action with virtual reality, the action of which unfolds in the world covered BoneWorks, which should come out in the near future. Later in 2022. You can follow the official zero level of Twitter stress for more information and updates.

What is the game Bonelab?

BONELAB is HERE! Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 Recap
Bonelab is a game for virtual reality that combines an action, adventure, shooting and much more, creating a surprisingly delightful game. You play for the outcast sentenced to death, but should avoid fate. Hidden Underground Construction is a scene for Bonelab, where you will encounter a series Tasks and puzzles .

You can take advantage of Bonelab Realistic physical system How do you interact with the world. When you start the game, you can create your own avatar, even resolving imports so you can look and play the way you want.

Bonelab is a multi-level history with variety of game features . These include arenas, where you can own a melee and long-range weapon, strip obstacles for racing, the sandbox worlds where you can do what you want, and much more!

Bonelab will also present detailed modding and User levels To always have something to do. You can watch the Bonelab trailer for Meta Quest Official Channel on YouTube.

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