Wow: Wotlk Classic comes 2022! All information about Lich-King

From his gloomy citadel, which lies deep in the heart of the frozen continent northend, the dreaded Lichkönig Arthas Menethil sets his conquest of Azeroths in Gang.” Finally the Lichkönig out of the sack! Blizzard has officially announced the Classic version of WoW: Wrath of the Lich King today, on 19 April 2022. Look forward to northend, on death knight, inscriptions, the introduction of successes and some of the best RAID instances of WOW story!

The features of Wotlk Classic

As with WoW Classic and TBC Classic, you only need an active WoW subscription for WotLK Classic to play the new edition of the Northend adventure without further costs. In the public test server of TBC Classic, the preparations have already been made to start soon with the final phase around the Sonnenbrunnenplateau . The goal is that we will make 2022 northly unsafe.

The most important features of Wotlk Classic summarizes Blizzard as follows:

  • The merciful, frozen north : Players start their journey in one of two zones of northend (Borean Tundra or howlingful fjord) and will experience some of the most epic views and most popular storylines in the history of Warcraft before they have the power seat of the Reach Lichkönig in ice crown.

WOW: Wotlk Classic – Official Screenshots of Blizzard for Announcement by Wrath of the Lich King Classic (11) Source: Blizzard

  • The rise of the Death Knight : WoWS First Heroes Class, the Death Knights are available for both fractions and start at level 55. They use the forces of darkness to help fight against evil threatening azeroth.
  • New profession – Inscriptions : This new profession allows players to create mystical glyphs, changing the appearance and properties of magic and skills. Likewise, you can create powerful pieces of jewelry and sign objects. ****
  • Success activated : Achievements achieve WoW Classic, giving players access to a brand new series of rewards for their heroics and achievements. ****
  • Dungeons and battles : Players experience groundbreaking dungeons for 5 players like Azjol-Nerub and eradicate Stratholme again and lag Naxxramas in a raid for 10 players, a new version of the original raid for 40 players, as it does not expand for World of Warcraft (Buy Now).

WoW: Wotlk Classic – Official Screenshots of Blizzard for Announcement by Wrath of the Lich King Classic (22) Source: Blizzard

Death Knight Rules and Level Boost

Unlike the original Wrath of the Lich King, all players are allowed to create their first death knight without prerequisites and restrictions. Only at the second death knight is the rule attacks: You need a different character with at least level 55 on the corresponding server.

According to Blizzard, there will be an optional character appreciation at level 70, which is intended primarily for the players who have not played Classic so far, but still want to get started in northernend as soon as possible. Details of cost and availability should be there at a later date.

Official screenshots to Wotlk Classic

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Wrath of the Lich King Classic Announcement Reaction, Top Issues Blizzard Needs to Address

WOW: Wotlk Classic – Official Screenshots of Blizzard for Announcement by Wrath of the Lich King Classic (2) [Source: Blizzard]

What does the Blizzard president say?

Last but not least, we let the Blizzard president come to speak: “We are very pleased to visit one of the most popular Älen of the history of Warcraft with Wrath of the Lich King Classic,” explains Mike Ybarra, President of Blizzard Entertainment. “The first publication of this enlargement brought many improvements for the game, from the timeless adversary and epic history not to mention. We make sure to make the experience of all authentic as in the original, who want to survive the glorious days in Northend again, And all those who first start this tremendous adventure to supply a worthy and accessible new version.

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