efootball 2022 goes into 1.0, but we doubt it can lead the game

EFOOTBALL 2022, remember. In the fall, after another year of preparation, a transition to Unreal Engine and a model of free-to-play, the Konami simulation landed in a particularly disturbing state. Screaming gaps on the background, great technical worries: shifted by players and social networks, the game is returned to the job for eight long months to come back this April 14 with version 1.0 to restart it. The question is now whether it will be enough to augur himself less dark.

DIT KAN ECHT NIET (eFootball 2022)

While its mobile versions are still in preparation (and that they could constitute the nervical point of the offer EFOOTBALL 2022 ), the simulation of Konami has therefore offered this famous major update that the publisher Nippon had promised by confounding apologies in October. And as much recognize it from the outset: the result is a notch above what had been proposed then. On PS5 and Xbox Series, the bugs graphics and other broken animations seem to have disappeared. Visually, the result is clean failing to be stunning, the rendering of lawns and faces holds the road with a few exceptions. In short, the largest concern of Efootball 2022 is probably no more graphic order, even if its menus are always cut for the mobile and if its packaging is of doubtful taste. Because side taken in hand, it’s always very complicated.

Efootball pes

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