Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One dated on PS4 but canceled on Xbox One

Nothing seems more futile than talking about a postponement or cancellation of play about a studio whose country has been under the bombs for two months now, but Frogwares has nevertheless published a statement to confirm the upcoming exit of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One on PS4, April 28 more exactly. The Xbox One version is no longer relevant.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One - FULL GAME Walkthrough (Gameplay)
For Reminder, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One was first released on PS5, Xbox Series and PC by putting aside the old generation consoles to simplify the task of the studio, the game optimization work on PS4 and Xbox One prove to be more important than expected. “We have tried to extract as much as possible from the old consoles. A lot of invisible work has been done, but also changes clearly like those brought to the city map on PS4 and Xbox One versions so that the game can operate More fluidly (we cut some alleys, shortcuts, etc.). And while we were closer and closer to finalize these versions, the war arrived “, explains the release of Frogwares.

Direct that the war has had an impact on us is probably the euphemism of the decade. Not to mention our personal and mental situation, the war had a considerable impact on us from the point of view of production. Today, today, with the resources and labor we have, we can release the ps4 version of Chapter One on April 28th. On the other hand, we must postpone the Xbox One “version indefinitely, adds frogwares, which obviously deplores having to arrive There given time and money lost. Xbox is in any case aware of the Xbox One situation and players that have pre-ordered the game can cancel their order and get a full refund.

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