Skyrim, Fallout & more: Bethesdas big move begins – this is how you secure your games

Bethesda officially switches off the in -house launcher on the PC. If you have games there, you can now transfer them to your Steam account for free. We summarize the most important information for you.

Steam: It is best to secure your Bethesda games until May

On May 11, 2022 the time has come. The company switches off the Bethesda Launcher. You can then no longer play over the launcher and access your games. Why this is so is not sure. Maybe it is simply due to missing users. Your games are by no means lost. From now on you have the option to transfer your game library to Steam and that is very simple.

Log in on your Bethesda account and take a look at the bar on the right. Under the point “Linked accounts” you can check whether your Steam account is already linked. If this is not the case, you have to make up for the transfer .

Under the “Library Transfer” item Your PC games will then be transferred to your Steam account . I personally only had a few games and the whole thing was easily completed after a few seconds-including existing in-game currencies.

Apparently it doesn’t run smoothly everywhere. As the PCGamer page reports, get some players the wrong versions . For example, one user reported that he bought Rage 2’s deluxe edition from Bethesda, but only appeared at Steam. The problem may be solved when the game is downloaded and started on Steam. (Source: PCGamer)

If you have any problems, we recommend that you open a ticket to customer service.

__Zum customer service of Bethesda

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Steam: The memory data are sometimes not automatically transferred

While the games are transferred quickly, it looks different for many memory stands. Bethesda has published a list of the games, the data of which you have to transfer manually -especially owners of games like Doom Eternal and subscribers The Fallout 1st membership of Fallout 76 have a hard time. Here is partly a whole page with points that needs to be processed. (Source: Bethesda)

If you cannot complete the migration within the given time, You also have the opportunity to transfer your games to Steam via the inactive launcher. However, it is not clear what it looks like with memory stands. (Source: Bethesda)

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