Elden Ring: Mother plays with her little daughter and its so cute

The intermediate land from Elden Ring is a merciless place. An opponents lurk everywhere who want us to keep us on the leather and take our to death again and again. But despite the challenge, the world of Elden Ring fascinates many players and captivates them.

Twitch streamer Sizzsarz regularly takes virtual excursions into the world of Elden Ring and lets us participate in her experiences in a stream. It becomes particularly sweet every time her daughter takes a seat on her lap and shows us how fascinating the intermediate country in the eyes of a child is.

the intermediate country from the perspective of children’s eyes

The little Evie is from time to time in the hours of streams from Sizzsarz. Since the streamer sits in front of a green screen, her daughter can come into the stream undisturbed.

Sometimes her daughter’s streamer simply shows which cool and exciting monsters frolic in the intermediate. From time to time, the little player can even take the controller into her hand and ride a little uncontrollably through the area.

Evie’s reactions are sweet. In a Tikok clip you can see how you are moving to a huge kite. Your daughter will no longer be amazed and is pleased that the dragon will soon take the persecution:

In another clip, Evie can be seen with a blue crown how she giggles the chase of a monstrous crab. Sometimes Evie even starts singing happily, which, considering the dangers in the intermediate country, looks extremely bizarre, but still cute.


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But although Elden Ring can even inspire the little ones, it is essentially still an enormously demanding game that sometimes demands everything. So that you have a little help on the way through the intermediate country, you should let off steam on Elden Ring in our guide category.

Here you will find tips and tricks on certain opponents of how you unlock all ends or how you get strong weapons. We also give you tips for farming runes or other rare materials.

How do you like the streamer clips with her daughter?

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