Kyungconjin signed a business agreement for immersive consultation with Gyeonggi Game Culture Center Game

The Gyeonggi Contents Promotion Agency (Director Min Se -hee, Kyeonghonjin) announced on the 29th that it signed a business agreement with 10 Gyeonggi -do psychological counseling agencies at the Gwangmyeong Gyeonggi Game Culture Center.

At the ceremony, Kyungconjin Min Se -hee Min Se -hee Min Se -hee, Gyeonggi -do, comfortable child psychological development center (Kim Jae -mi), leg dream development counseling education center (Kim Hyung -sook) Representatives of the agreement agencies such as the Tea Psychological Counseling Center (Kim Ji -yeon), the Korea Psychological Research Institute (Lee Kyung -ha), and Heemam Children’s Family Counseling Center (Lee Kyung -mi) were attended.

Under the agreement, the Gyeonggi Game Culture Center and Cooperation Counseling Agency plans to provide mutual efforts to provide psychological counseling and inspections to Gyeonggi -do, Gyeonggi -do, and contribute to a better game culture. In addition, the Gyeonggi Game Culture Center will provide professional counseling including comprehensive psychological inspections by linking the game and immersive client to the cooperative agency, and will provide up to 1 million won.

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Game and immersion counseling can be applied online on the Gyeonggi Game Culture Center website, and you can receive detailed information on the Gyeonggi Game Culture Center.

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