Naver Shopping Live, Virtual Human Isol released

Naver will release a virtual human ‘SORI’ through shopping live on the 3rd.

Isol is a 24 -year -old virtual man developed by Naver and Giant Step. I am interested in the beauty field. Isol will appear at the launch show of the cosmetics brand NARS at 6:30 pm on the 3rd at 6:30 pm.

#Metaverse | Walmart VR Virtual Shopping Experience SXSW
Isol is based on a real -time engine. With CG and Deep Fake technology, it is characterized by creating a natural and natural movement than the general virtual human humans who synthesize the faces in real human models.

Isol introduced the features of the product to viewers at shopping live and took the first step as an MZ influencer. Lee will recommend a variety of color items that suit her experience to make use of her experiences, and will appear in Live Star Kim Hae -na’s ‘Close -up Beauty’ live.

In the future, Naver plans to implement more advanced virtual humans by linking TTS (Text to Speech) data and combining artificial intelligence voice technology. Naver’s goal is to showcase fully automated virtual humans who can communicate with people in real time with their own voice without voice actors or demonstrators.

Isol will also work in various content areas, starting with shopping live.

Meanwhile, Naver Shopping Live is expanding its live commerce technology horizons with attempts to combine advanced technology into live content.

Live content combined with methuses, virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) dubbing, while providing a differentiated shopping experience, such as providing excellent video quality by applying Dolby Vision last month to provide a differentiated shopping experience. I do it.

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