LOL: Vaquero Goodbye, Estral says goodbye to several players

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The changes within the professional teams are necessary on certain occasions to turn within the competition seeking to generate the desired results throughout the various skills we see during the year, for days we could see how the official accounts of Estral showed thanks to some of their players because they would be receiving offers from other teams towards the Clausura de la Lla.

The first player in saying good, now the Korean player will arrive at the ranks of the North American team TSM Academy to seek an improvement in his performance and the possibility of reaching the First Division LCS .

On the other hand, the central lane Francisco “Leza” Jara also announced his departure from the organization, after almost two years playing with the colors of the northern eagles of the North now the Mexican player will look for a new course, the rumors suggest that he would be wearing the Draconic gentlemen’s shirt All Knights In the following season but there is still nothing confirmed so far.

Recently also the junglero Jesus “Grell” Loya announced his departure from the organization looking for different opportunities, the Mexican arrived in Estral last year for last year’s closure being a pilara to give the team second place both in the closing season and At the opening, a young promise that will be seeing his future in another team, maybe Isurus according to rumors.

It should be noted that Estral has become a team that comes from the Honor Division creating its own path and where its CEO Estral Jerry has always said that it seeks the development of the players, if they see the opportunity for growth in Another team drives them to always seek to improve as much as players and people. With all the previous ones, it will be necessary to see that other players reach the ranks of Estral for the Closing 2022.

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