The next Pokemon travel episode promises a tender reunion

Little by little the season of Pokémon trips has become one of the most beloved by fans, since Ash ketchum demonstrates in each of its episodes what has learned in all its fighting. However, there is an element that likes it much beyond clashes, these are reunions with known characters.

Just one of these nostalgic meetings will happen the next chapter, which is named “Triumphal return! The champion of Alala ”_ and that obviously, plans to take the protagonist to return to that set of islands he visited a long time ago. And what attracts the most attention is the possible return of characters such as lillie and Gladio, who left the region to look for his father.

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Here the synopsis:

Ash meets with his classmates for the first time in a long time. They decide to organize a Battle Royale where four groups fight at the same time. The place is filled with people due to the triumphant return of the champion of the Allala League. Can Ash survive the tournament with the participation of strong enemies such as Professor Kukui?

Pokémon trips becomes intense for fans as the chapters advance, especially because at some point the final combat will be fought where all the champions of the series will meet. So with this the little one Ash could be redeemed with the audience, since on other occasions he always fell short to win the Regional League.

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