Dev Sisters starts the largest recruitment ever of 300

Dev Sisters announced on the 13th that it will recruit the largest enterprise ever.

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This recruitment is for the boosting of new projects that will be a new growth engine following ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ and ‘Cookie Run: Oven Break’. New projects were opened last month, ‘Global Cookie Run Store’, ‘Dead Side Club’, which is currently being developed, ‘Cookie Run: Obens Mash’, ‘Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle’, ‘Brick City’, ‘Project B’, ‘My Cookie Run Fan Platform’, newly researched VR project Q, blockchain ecosystem -based ‘flipfield’, and global IP expansion to expand the influence of cookie runs.

Recruitment fields include development, art, design, planning, operation, research, business, marketing, content, video media, and management planning. For more information on hiring, you can check the official recruitment site of Devsisters, and the application will be closed as soon as the recruitment is completed.

Dev Sisters has applied for the abolition of comprehensive wages and selective home work by organization since July, and has granted stock options to all employees to motivate growth earlier this year. In addition, through the expansion of welfare policies such as staff -only exercise facilities and one -on -one professional psychological counseling, we are continuously striving to improve the treatment of members and develop the working environment.

Dev Sisters said, “We are expanding corporate momentum by developing projects in various ways to develop growth engines such as successful expansion of cookie run IP and developing new IP.” We plan to realize various possibilities that can provide service experience. ”

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