Ukrainian developer capable of relocating thanks to the subsidy of Epic Games

The Frogwares Ukrainian developer, better known for his Sherlock Holmes games, obtained a subsidy of Epic Games that will give the team the opportunity to relocate. The war in Ukraine has extended since February 2022, which has caused families to be forced to abandon their homes, people lose their work and much more. It is a devastating matter that has had a tremendous impact on all those who live there, which caused some to take arms to fight the Russian forces. Frogwares has somehow remained somewhat operational during this time, but has been affected by war.


Alex Striuk of Frogwares visited the company’s blog to announce that they had received an Epic Megagrant of Epic Games. The subsidy is issued by the fortnite and developer of Unreal Engine to help with “creative, notable and innovative projects built in and around Unreal Engine, and projects that improve the 3D graphics ecosystem of open source graphics.” Subsidies can range between $ 5,000 and $ 500,000, but it is not clear how much frogwares were delivered. However, Frogwares plans to use funds to help relocate their employees and provide some sustainability to people who have already been able to move away a bit from the war.

“The war negatively affected our production workflows and led to the partial disorganization of our study,” said Striuk. «Epic Megagrant funds will be crucial to relocate employees in safer areas and help those who have moved to remote regions of Ukraine or other EU nations to maintain their financial stability. […] In short, Epic Megrant will be used to soften the financial blow of the war and stand up, and we would like to thank Epic Games for their support during this difficult time ».

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