The highly difficult difficulty ACT “Timothy and Mu Tower” will be released on August 9! The trial version is also available [Indie Live Expo 2022]

Playism is a high difficult 2D action “ Timothy and Mu Tower ” on the information program “ Indie Live EXPO 2022 ” distributed on May 22, 2022 for Steam. We announced that it will be released on a day.

This work is a tower climbing action featuring beautiful graphics, developed by Kibou Entertainment. The player manipulates the protagonist, Timothy, and challenges the “Mu Tower”, which is said to come true if you reach the top. It was produced by the game development software “Action Game Maker MV” and won the Playism Award for the “Game Development Challenge” held in 2020.

As Timothy climbs the tower, she will acquire her ability to increase her range and walls. In this work, which is the most difficult concept of the game as the core of the game, you have to fail many times, remember and remember and capture little by little.

This work is said to have been inspired by works such as “Fazanadu”, “Mirror of the Hikari mythical Parthena”, “Demon’s Blazizon Makai Village Crest”, and “Wanda and Giant”. It is a work that incorporates various elements, such as retro 2D platformers’ games and humor, and modern “cooking systems” and “destruction of the fourth wall”.

Timothy and the Tower of Mu | Hardcore Action Platformer Adventure | Full Demo Gameplay
“Timothy and Mu Tower” will be released on August 9, 2022 for Steam. The trial version is also being distributed on the Steam store page.

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