Pokemon Bread level heat, JapansWonshin Wehas shortage

ULTRA RARE Pokemon Card Shopping (Japan)
In recent years, the heat of Pokemon bread is hot. Competitions have been held for three months to save bread, such as selling products to convenience stores and supermarkets and waiting for a logistics vehicle in front of the store. Similar phenomena have been in recent years in Japan. It is Wonshin Wehas.

Wonsin Wehas was released in Japan in September last year through collaboration with Bandai food. There is a vanilla flavor Wehas in a small packaging of the card size, with a similar source character card with a similar size. The price is 150 yen (165 yen including taxes, about 1,620 won), and the character card is in fact.

The Wehas had a significant boom at the time. In the used market, the card was more than double the cost, and an online procession continued to get the original cards in Korea where the product was not released. It was more popular than expected, and the release of Wonshin Wehas 2 was confirmed earlier this year, and was released in Japan on the 23rd.

The Wehas contains a total of 24 cards, including new characters, and the appendix-handled Wehas taste has been changed to cocoa cream. Although they started selling at convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide, the enthusiasts who were ready to hear from the early news began to sweep their quantities.

In fact, on SNS, “It is popular, such as the disappearance of the inventory and the disappearance of the item from Amazon,” “We have been wearing a limited quantity in our store,” “I have collected all the cards,” The same article continues to be posted, and there are many photos that remain empty.

As of the 30th, Wonshin ranks 35th in Google Play, Japan and 13th in Apple App Store.

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