The Gamespot game portal conducted a thorough journalistic investigation on the topic of the play-fantoma AbandoneD.

Epic Games showed a gameplay with many new products from the continuation of the third season of Fortnite. Drive in the balls again in the game, but now on the attractions. A curious mechanic with the cultivation of their own tree, which gives fruits from the match to the match, has been added.

The entire island turns into an attraction: you can ride animals, ride in bollers on an American slide, cling to hook for protrusions and grow your own trees.


As planned, the island of the island changed the giant tree that scattered its seeds. Having planted Semeychko, the player will raise him from the match in the match in the same place, and the seedling will bring lutus up to mythical. Of course, it will need to be careful for him. After the tree has dried, a seed will remain in its place.

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