An umbrella against a sparrow – excerpts from the Academy of Ambrell

Before the premiere of the third season of the Academy of Ambrell is only a couple of weeks, and it’s time to see a couple more scenes from the show of Steve Blackman (Fargo, Divine Carbon).


The new episodes are devoted to the opposition of the defective Academy of Ambrell with their ideal antipodes from the Academy of Sparrow, which arose due to the premature acquaintance of Reginald Hargrives with their future adoptive children, who almost molested the past, and with it the future of all mankind.

However, they definitely ruined their future. Will there be a place in the New World? I find out the audience only by looking at the continuation. Seek shots from the show at 5:08 and 20:52.

The third season of the Academy of Ambrell will be released on Netflix on June 22.

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