How to complete the task Are you on the air? Mysterious mission in MLB: The Show 22

In the single-user Mini-Easons mode, Diamond Dynasty has two new mysterious missions that need to be performed, but there is no description of what is required for this mission. To complete Are you on the air? A mysterious mission, you must earn 1,500 Parallel XP with a player Live Series p. The completion of the mission is rewarded with Ballin ’IS Habit Pack.

How to earn parallel experience in MLB the Show 22

Parallel experience, or PXP, is made in all Diamond Dynasty game modes for players in your composition. Your game performance with the player determines how much PXP will be earned. You can check how much PXP each player has earned, and your progress in the programs at the end of each game, scrolling the menu Parallel updates using RT (PlayStation) or RB (Xbox).

Who are Live Series players?

There are many players who qualify as Live Series players. Live Series players should be current MLB players, and they can be identified by checking the collections. To find out if the player’s card in Live Series is included in the Collection section in the Diamond Dynasty menu, scroll to Live Series and select it. The list includes all MLB and free agents, so there is a chance that some of your business cards are there.

When Live Series players appear in your composition, go to mini-sesons and play games. The game on the lowest complexity will not bring you so much PXP, but you can get a lot of PXP, the Hits on ROOKIE. 1500 PXP is a lot to earn, but you can play as many mini-seesons as you want, before the expiration of the mysterious mission.

Are you on the air? The mission expires on July 5 at 12:00, after which it will be replaced by two more mysterious missions. You can also fulfill the mysterious mission DOK ordered a chair, the validity of which expires at the same time.

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