Pokemon Go Fest 2022: What Pokemon can be shiny at the hour of the tundra environment?

Pokémon Go Fest 2022 is already here. This two-day event uses the same mechanics as in last year’s event. In particular, Habitat watches with Go Fest 2021 appear. Players will be able to catch Pokemon in these habitats during the day on Saturday, June 4, 2022. In each habitat, Pokemon, characteristic of this bioma, will be represented, and they will last one hour. Habitat ( city , plains , tropical forest and tundra ) will appear twice during the day on Saturday.


All shiny Pokemon per hour of the tundra environment

At the hour of the tundra habitat, many different Pokemon appears, but not all of them can be brilliant. Players can find below the list of Pokemon, which can be brilliant when meeting. This is a good list that should be remembered, since observing these specific Pokemon can help players maximize their chances to catch the elusive brilliant Pokemon.

  • Omanite
  • Svinab
  • Vingall
  • Medititis
  • Waylmer
  • Saw
  • PipP.
  • Kubhu
  • Pikachu in a suit
  • Galar Darumak

Although Pokémon Go Fest 2022 is a free event, players can buy an additional ticket for an event for $ 14.99. This ticket gives players many different privileges during the event, but one of the best is an increased chance to meet brilliant Pokemon during the event and during its habitat. If players want to make sure that they will catch some of these brilliant Pokemon, buying a ticket is a good idea.

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