LOL: The minion that got tired of helping the team and wanted to save his own life

Even if we have been playing League of Legends for years, there are some learning from our first games that we continue to use constantly. Simple tricks and mechanics that we see at all levels of skill and that operate by simple logic. It doesn’t matter if we ask it in iron or diamond, any player who wants to defend himself from most skill shots will tell you that running behind the subjects is a great idea to avoid skills. However, there is an assumption in which this method can fail.

An interaction that lasts less than a second

A situation like the one we have described is precisely the one that a player who saw his subjects betrayed him. He starred in playing with Syndra and retiring to the wave correctly to avoid an enemy aggression. His rival was Ahri and, as we know, the e (bewitched) only affects the first enemy beaten. However, just when the minion seemed to be safe, it takes a step to the side that lasts the right thing so that the projectile impacts and gives rise to a catastrophic play for his interests.

The natural reaction of any player who was in Syndra’s skin would be to complain bitterly to Riot Games and criticize the League of Legends bugs. However, we better turn off the torches. Although this situation takes place so unusual that it is difficult to realize, the truth is that the subjects behave of the way they are scheduled . The reason is the same that gives rise to one of the most hated interactions of the game. Despite the constant requests of the community, these entities cannot cross champions or be crossed by them except in the first wave of the game.

The truth is that Riot Games has never considered changing this situation and will not do so because of the little probability of this type of plays. Even if the developer might consider the cases of minion block unfair, the existence of this mechanics provides more positive points than negative in the game. It is simply one of those small factors that we must control if we want to dominate League of Legends, which is full of this type of tiny details.



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