Little League World Series Baseball 2022, crowd the field in August

On August 17, you can have fun with the Little League World Series Baseball 2022 game. This game developed by Iguanabee and edited by Gamemill Entertainment will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.


-Soise the world champion of the little league: choose your team, then show your skills by participating in the tournament. Or jump directly into the action in an instant with the Quick Play mode.

-Move with friends: Gather for an exciting local multiplayer tournament that can accommodate up to four players. Personalize the rules, select your stages and teams, and see who wins everything!

-Choise your style: personalize the appearance, equipment and typing style of your team.

Super capacities: use bonuses like Slow Time and Bat Tank to overthrow the course of the game in your favor. Win stimulating stickers stimulating players that allow you to build the most powerful team.

-Thisate in the game: Intense interactive games allow you to perform slides, caught, incredible blows and much more to give your team the advantage and win the victory.

So here is the game ad video without further delay:

New world

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