Popular overseas YouTuber makes the game dissatisfied with the game because of Unity and immediately tips from the experts. Immediately apologize that the engine is not bad

Overseas YouTuber is a problem for the game engine Unity for complaints about a specific game work. Game developers immediately entered Tsukkomi in response to this statement, and the YouTuber has also apologized quickly.

Unity is a game engine provided by UNITY Technologies in the United States. Along with Unreal Engine, it is used to produce game titles for various sizes and genre. Examples of use vary from indie titles such as InsCryption to large titles such as Harajin. He seemed to have been in agony over dissatisfaction with remake works using such Unity. What is the remake work? Supermon Keyball 1 & 2 Remake]. This work is a full remake of three titles of Supermon Key Ball, Super Mont Keyball 2, and Super Monky Ball Deluxe, and is developed using Unity.

That Turn! Supermon Keyball 1 & 2 Remake] was SCOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEAK on YouTuber. Wozniak is a person who is popular with light talk videos, dealing with the topics of games centered on Nintendo. On June 8th, he posted a video about the 5th anniversary of Nintendo Switch. He talks about the majority of works released on the aircraft for two hours. The one that was featured in that was, Beat! Supermon keyball 1 & 2 remake.


He said, Featuring! When the topic of Supermon Keyball 1 & 2 Remake is entered, the game outline is briefly explained. However, regarding the workmanship of the work, he seems to be dissatisfied with the fact that it is firmly produced. He began to explain the reason, saying, This game is a default Unity engine. He suddenly started talking about Unity.

Apparently, Wozniak’s claim is that gameplay feels uncomfortable because of the Unity engine. He puts in advance as a powerful engine about Unity. However, he commented that it was not suitable for reproducing the original version of gameplay. The reason why Unity was adopted was it is cheap and easy to handle. He claims that the nature of Unity has a sense of incongruity in operability. In addition, despite the fact that the work itself is a good game, he has made negative comments on Unity, saying that he has often dealt with engine restrictions. In summary, Wozniak states that Unity has deteriorated because of Unity because the function is not good because the usage fee is cheap and the development is easy. is.

However, this remark was immediately received after the video was released. Certainly, Beat! Regarding the Supermon Keyball 1 & 2 Remake, Steam User Reviews have also stated that operability is more uncomfortable compared to the original version. However, it is lacking in the argument to seek the cause from Unity. In his remarks, Wozniak did not describe the basis for technical analysis. In other words, based on personal impressions, it seems that somehow blamed Unity.

There are many other game engines besides Unity, and there will be aspects where each specialty is divided. However, the implementation of operations in Unity can be extremely wide-range adjustments and customizations. The operation feeling mainly depends on the design and adjustment of developers. The same is true for the special operability of Turns using physical operations in the Monkey Ball series. In terms of technology, it should be possible to reproduce the original version of the operation feeling with Unity, and even if there is a change there, it will be a decision on the development direction. Unity has worsened operability, is a bit too short-circuited.

There was a person who immediately puts Tsukkomi in Wozniak’s remark. Kenney Vleugels. Although he is not involved in this work, he is also a game developer and operates a free game asset distribution site Kenney. He has more than 60,000 followers on Twitter and has a certain influence as a person who supports many game developers. Kenney immediately excerpted a series of questions on the day of Wozniak’s video posting. He posted to his own Twitter account and shows confusion. It would have been hard to understand the statements of sinning Unity with a lack of grounds as a person involved in game development.

Kenney’s tweet has received many opinions in reply and over 300 quotes RT. Game developers are primarily critical of Wozniak, and some say, The bad impression of Unity may have a negative effect on developers who use Unity. On the other hand, some people are synchronized with Wozniak, such as Unity has technical restrictions and I guess Unity did not fit the work. However, no specific argument has been found, and has been argued by Kenney and other developers. Like Wozniak, the users who have been prejudiced that Unity is not good. On the other hand, for those who understand the game development, Wozniak’s remarks are unacceptable.

However, Wozniak immediately apologizes for his remarks. He commented in the video comment section, It was a very stupid remark. He apologizes, At least, Unity was not bad for operability. Wozniak also submitted an apology by reply to Kenney’s tweet. He says, When I thought about why the game was uncomfortable, I used Unity as a reason.

Unity is a price model that changes the license fee according to the annual sales of the user, and it is easy to enter in terms of cost. In addition, indie games using Unity have been released a lot a day, and their quality is mixed with cobblestones. In that respect, there may be a prejudice that Unity’s work is low quality. Wozniak may have criticized Unity without thinking deeply with such an impression. This series of events was an example of a public context, especially in critical context. It is a lesson that we will not forget for the media.

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