Hacks the Instagram-Resor & wins a gaming

This article was created in cooperation with AMD.

Do you fancy extra class laptop gaming? Loosen our safe puzzle and wins an HP Omen 16 in the AMD Advantage Edition , with which you can play the latest games in all splendor. In this article you can find out:

  • How you crack our Instagram safe
  • What puzzles you have to solve for it
  • How to find out the code with which you can take part in the raffle

Ready? Then read the tutorial and try your luck!

Tutorial: This is how our safe puzzles works

The path here was difficult and required your entire stealth game knowledge, but you mastered it: You are in the Instagram resorrage! In front of you you can see the huge steel door behind which the object of your desire is located. To open it, you have to master a last hurdle and chop the electronic security systems so that the door opens. You open one of the flashing computer cabinets and connect with the mainframe. Here we go!

_ Crack the safe by solving the following five puzzles. Follow the links and combine the clues that provide you with five combinations of one number and a symbol. If you note the number symbol combinations, they put together in the last riding step in the correct order for the profit code. You then tap it in the form at the end of this page. All correct solutions can take part in our big competition._

This price awaits you in the Instagram vault

Stylish and powerful: The HP Omen 16 provides you with a perfect gaming experience, at home and on the go. We are giving away the gaming notebook with AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor, AMD Radeon RX 6600M graphics card, 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD. The special thing about the configuration: CPU and GPU work in this so-called AMD Advantage Edition hand in hand-for optimal performance, rapid storage management and improved battery life. You can find more information about AMD Advantage in our article on the topic.

repairs the computing unit

Before you can devote yourself to the safe, there is a repair: In the central arithmetic unit of the locking mechanism, everything is mixed up! Build all parts back to the right place, reorganize the mainframe-and then look at the data on your diagnostic screen to secure the first part of the solution!

_ Stops the video when the AMD-Ryzen processor and AMD radeon graphics card are in the right place and the green diagnostic lamp lights up-then you can read the first number symbol combination._

(Video not visible? Here along the riddle on Instagram.)

Look at this post on Instagram

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overcomes the safety net

The computer is running again, but the next problem is already waiting: only one way leads safely through the branched safety net that protects the safe control from unauthorized access-and that with most computing power!

Ne the path on which most AMD processors lie. Attention: After the first picture it goes on! Collect the number of solutions and then find the way to the right symbol.

(Image not visible? Here along the riddle on Instagram.)

Look at this post on Instagram

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brings the firewall

You need combination and computing skills to come over the firewall. Your laptop shows you a sequence of pictures that, fortunately, reminds you of one of your favorite hobbies. Heart the next combination of number and symbol from this-a child’s play! Or?

(Image not visible? Here along the riddle on Instagram.)

Look at this post on Instagram

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outsmart the Wächter-Ki

You are almost through, but you still have to take a hurdle: a guardian patrol patrols in front of the safe in the circle and wants to prevent you from access. Fortunately, you are well informed and remember a clever trick from a YouTube video that will help you outsmart artificial intelligence…

_ Looking into the user-Ki in the user and answers the following question correctly in order to get the number of solutions: _


What object should you put the AI upside down to trick it as in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim?

  • Hat (number of solutions: 3)
  • Rubber duck (number of solutions: 5)
  • Bucket (number of solutions: 1)

_ (Tip: Hurrowns find the appropriate place in the video from time stamp 10:56.) _

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extracts the access key

Your screen suddenly becomes black, then a small text window pops up.
Needs access key is in it.
Some cryptic information is shown to you.
You see:
* a [diamond] symbol,
* a link to a website,
* and the instruction [Number of threads] minus [8] equal [number].
Fortunately, there is WiFi in the safeing room!
You call up the website, get the lack of information-and now have all the components together to crack the safe code.

assembles the code

You have the five code numbers and the associated symbols!
Now bring them into the correct order that is displayed on the screen and enter them in the competition form.
Does the safe open for you?
The competition runs until July 24, 2022, 11:59 p.m.
We wish you good luck!

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