Ex-BVB instructor discusses the lots of muscular tissue injuries

Rainer Schrey collaborated with Thomas Tuchel for many years. The existing team supervisor of the English top club FC Chelsea additionally trains Borussia Dortmund between 2015 and also 2017, at that time still with Schrey as an athletic trainer.

In discussion with the Ruhr Nachrichten, the 63-year-old concurred that the variety of injury days amongst the gamers of the expert team of Borussia Dortmund was finally noticeably high.

The Borussia Dortmunds expert, that also worked with Thomas Tuchel at Paris Saint-Germain, presents some aspects that, from his experience, can be for a noticeably enhanced vulnerability to injury to individual gamers: Feasible factors that, in my view, as well as experience the danger of injury can substantially boost, stress and anxiety, be it exclusive difficulty, discontent in the club or an unclear legal scenario. If stress hormonal agents are launched, this can damage the muscle mass and also nerves and thus promote injuries.

Schrey might not provide a trustworthy statement on which this fairly high sensitivity to injury of the German runner-up, he highlighted: I can in fact state definitely nothing about BVB at the moment, because I don’t understand any type of training content, processes or training intensity.

Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund has repetitively seen with an above-average number of muscular injuries recently. Whether Erling Haaland, Emre Can or Giovanni Reyna: BVB celebrities with muscular problems repeatedly needed to fit, the black and also yellow often did not have several weeks and even months. The previous BVB physical fitness trainer has actually currently talked about this issue.

Worker instructor as a raising problem in specialist football

Schrey also examines the truth that more and more professional footballers are now functioning with an individual personal fitness instructor: Usually, one ought to think that the organization provides all the alternatives that players need at this specialist level at 24/7 from To benefit from the association. Daily life in today’s professional football is increasingly more different.

Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund has actually repeatedly observed with an above-average number of muscular injuries in current years. To be able to reduce a threat and estimate of injury, but is not fairly as straightforward. The most vital criteria to reduce injury threats is a certain degree of continuity and adjustment.

The physical fitness train, which had begun his occupation in expert football under Ralf Rangnick at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, specified: The very best players make use of absolutely nothing if they are not fit. To be able to reduce a threat and approximate of injury, but is not rather as simple. That depends upon a great deal of factors and also outside conditions. One of the most vital standards to decrease injury threats is a particular degree of continuity and adaptation.


On the various other hand, it is likewise regarding the aspect of regeneration for traveling and also the resulting rest deficiencies. This affects sychronisation, assumption as well as speed of activity, and also prefers the production of injuries, states Schrey, that has actually constantly been linked to such phenomena in his own occupation as a health and fitness trainer.

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