Plague Tale: Requiem will be launched on October 18

Asobo has announced the launch date of Plague Tale: Requiem: October 18, within four months.
Accompanying the date comes a new video with Gameplay of the game, specifically twelve minutes in which it deepens some of the mechanics and situations that we have been seeing during the promotion.
He was one of the prominent games of the Tribeca Games Festival, for example.
This sequel follows in the footsteps of Amicia and Hugo, the characters of the original.
As in that, the plague and rats continue to have an important presence, and serve as a backdrop of a story that wants to delve into Amicia’s relationship with the violence that surrounds her.

On platforms, an note.
This comes out on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S;
Also in switch, although with asterisk: it is one of those cloud verse for which a few have already chosen, such as Hitman 3 or the Kingdom Hearts.

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